Network Bandwidth Monitors

Network Bandwidth Monitors

Most Network monitor software offers combines package of asset management, Wide Area Network (WAN), WAN traffic analysis function, Local Area Network (LAN) and server. network monitoring software makes monitoring computer network an easy task. network monitor software automatically notifies network administrator when there is problem with network. According to recent research, some network monitor software can monitor and notifies almost anything about network related issues. It is very important for network administrator to have network monitor software installed as it is very useful when trying to solve network associated issues.

Proper network monitor software can identify future and present problems with the network. network monitor software is designed to monitor LAN and all network equipment components. It troubleshoots almost all network associated issues and also renders reports on network equipments component. network monitor software reduces unnecessary waste of time, allows the user to monitor network equipment component and notifies when failure occurs. Entire network can be managed from a central location. Users should consider his requirement of network monitoring before purchasing the software. network monitor software is used worldwide by network administrator, IT solution provider and system specialists.

It continuously monitors internet servers, intranet servers, modems, database, routers, event logs and more for 24 hours a day, assuring that devices and networks are performing properly. Continuous monitoring of network helps detect the problems long before any serious problem occurs. network monitor software gathers data on remote machines with the help of Remote Registry service. When network monitor software detects network related problem, it automatically sends alert via pager, e-mail, SMS or network message. Some network monitor software supports WAP, that permits to check network status through WAP enabled cellular phone from anywhere in the world.

Most network monitor software can support Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2000. Some more advanced server can also support Linux.

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